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New Album "Gasoline 91 Octane"

The brand new Spyra Album "Gasoline 91 Octane" will be released on 4th of April 2008. - It can already be pre-ordered in the Manikin Store ( and will be presented after the Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder & Rainbow Serpent Concert at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin (10997 Berlin, U-Bahn: Kottbusser Tor, Bus: M 29, 140 + N 8). 

The album was recorded in the Kunstraum Syltquelle on the Northern German Island Sylt. - It is the first part of a trilogy inspyred by the many car travels that Spyra has to do when he drives to concert venues or sonic art exhibitions. 


  • 1.   Shirogane
  • 2.   Rantum Random
  • 3.   Operation PPG
  • 4.   Treskow Bridge
  • 5.   Below 20
  • 6.   Future of the Past EleKtriK (Bonus Track)

Spyra - High Phidelity -

Spyra - High Phidelity - 2 CD release that consists mainly of the concert performed in Philadelphia (church & radio) in March 2007. Also included is a track from the Hampshire Jam and E-Day. This 2CD set is limited to 1000 copies in a digipak and features an arrangement of Spyra music that will be classic. There is a variety of tracks from ambient, Berlin to experimental that is a classic as a whole. I think you can listen to this without ever getting tired - it's a contemporary EM classic.


Track list: 

CD I:     1. Zzyxxsties 16:22
            2. Duplex 20:35
            3. Xylophane 14:05
            4. Drum´n´Melody 13:53
            5. Last Train to Philadelphia 10:51

CD II:    1. Starsent Introduction 08:45
            2. Kingnewdrum 15:40
            3. Aerial (Long Distance Reception) 24:19
            4. Phuture of the Past 14:50
            5. Gilgamesh 16:12

Release date: 14th of December

Virtual Vices V (Namlook + Spyra)

"Virtual Vices V"
(Pete Namlook & Wolfram Spyra)

CD tracks:
Turn the City Lights off 8.44 / Silver Plane 12.42 / Ceci n'est pas un
joint 7.14 / Blue Daffodil 8.52 / Diesel Breath 7.30 / S-Moll 10.18

Mono was nice... Stereo "High Fidelity" was sufficient for about 50
years... and well ... now there is time for an "Upgrade". DTS 5.1
Digital Surround Sound offers six channels and the atmospheric, deep
and imaginative music of FAX starts to come alive like never before.
FAX music is about deep and soulful imagination.. we don't want to
spoil the private inner journey of the listener. For this reason there
will not be a DVD from FAX as this would not coincide with the label's
philosophy. For compatibility reasons (to listen to the music in the
car or at your friend's or if you don't own a DTS capable 5.1 Surround
System) we included a stereo CD version in the double CD-pack.
Virtual Vices V is a CD that contains some surprises.. of course in the
fashion of Ambient-Jazz-Rock fusion. This time Wolfram digs deeper into
jazzy E-Piano and percussions, Pete rediscovered his Gibson Jazz Guitar
from the 1950s and his daughter Fabia is singing.

First DTS 5.1 Music Disc / Stereo CD Doublepack on FAX


Orphan Waves

2006, fax records

1. Aerial 08:10
2. Kingoldrum 09:56
3. PsychoCity 11:01
4. XyloCity Part III 08:25
5. XyloCity Part IV 10:58
6. Orphan Waves 04:40
7. Sferix Remix 08:52

Orphan Waves continues Spyra´s series of CDs which are inspired
by radio waves and other invisible phenomena. After Sferics,
Etherlands and Invisible Fields, this latest release extends his
musical repertoire to embrace a contemporary form of ambient jazz-rock,
although in his own unique style. Spyra skilfully builds up a sound cosmos
which combines Fender Rhodes Piano and Guitars on the one hand with
digital clic drums, noises, samples, soundscapes and sequencer sounds
on the other. The result is a synthesis rather than a collision. Orphan Waves
invites you on a journey which starts with the tuning of a radio
receiver (Aerial) and ends, "somewhere out there" in open space
(title track: Orphan Waves). What happens in between can hardly be described:
electronic music frequently evokes the feeling of being in a dream.
This music however goes beyond that - despite its dreamlike appearance
it is wide awake. Complex, sometimes sweet and harmonic,
sometimes chaotic and harsh, at times unfolding in front of your eyes
and then withdrawing to far away places, almost repelling and only
understandable in retrospect. This CD is food for thought and certainly
an album that demands the second look/hearing... it grows with the listener!
The 7th track (Sferix Remix), is meant as a bonus track intended to "earth"
those listeners who may have got lost in the music, inviting them finally
for a dance that leads back to the very beginning of the whole
Ether-CD - series: the piece "Sferics"...where it all started!


Invisible Fields

2003, fax records

CDs tracks:
1 Test Transmission 04.20 / 2 Entropy Is Just... 08.54 3 ...a Seven
Letter Word 09.27 / 4 Three Players in an Artificial Landscape 02.44 5
XyloCity Part I 10.54 / 6 XyloCity Part II 09.50 7 Bath 23.51 / 8
Temporarily Not Available 03.54

It is titled Invisible Fields and is in fact part three in a series of
CDs that deal with electromagnetic waves. The first track Test
Transmission seems to introduce us to an 80s retro-style CD with
mechanic beats and basslines, good for dancing on the factory floor,
but this feeling changes with tracks 2 and 3: Together with tracks 5
and 6 they build the polyrhythmic and in a delicate way jazzy backbone
of the album.
But embedded into the flow of harmonic and melodic structures of the
pieces, you don't even notice the oddness of the beats unless you start
counting the bars...and you should have stopped counting before the end
of XyloCity Part II! Otherwise you'll find yourself outside the city in
some kind of an ethno-style wilderness, unable to find the way back,
helplessly surrendered to the next extraordinary track, which is the 23
minute long dreamtime piece Bath.
Like a lunatic you'll wander through a nocturnal soundscape of
well-known and foreign origin that is interferred by harmonic clusters
or sudden noise-bursts.
In slow waves, the signals flow deeper and deeper into your unconscious
mind... and finally in the last track Temporarily Not Available you'll
wake up in another dream: It's you in the body of Erik Satie that lies
unconscious on the grass of a huge sports arena until being carried
away in a big concert piano by four conductors, dressed like
But you feel good! (Translation: Leon Paalkkö)

Part three in a CD- series with Chill-Out music about radio waves and
other interesting phenomena that we're unable to see


1999, fax records

CD tracks:
1 The Synthesizer Experience 4:42 / 2 Radio Noordzee 6:04 / 3
Monotonous Stereo Part I 7:27 / 4 Birds on the Wire 8:22 / 5 Six Miles
South of Hastings 7:45 / 6 Monotonous Stereo Part I 12:48 / 7
Etherlands Part I 12:16 / 8 Etherlands Part II 11:56 / 9 Mellotron
Etude 2:33

Spyra says: "This is the best CD that I've ever made!" and in fact, we
won't argue about that... although we also like his well-selling FAX
releases "Phonehead," "Sferics" and the co-production "Virtual Vices"
with Pete Namlook.

"Etherlands," which is a reference to the invisible ether and to all
people who work in independent radio stations, is the logical
continuance of "Sferics." It is a stocktaking of Spyra's music that
indeed shows the wide range of freedom of movement within his own
genuine style:

"The Synthesizer Experience" is an eighties-like dance piece, which
leads us directly to the time when Spyra started to make electronic
music, "Radio Noordzee" with its dub-like rhythm is most typical of
Spyra's nowadays (live!) music, "Monotonous Stereo" shows that an
experiment with a stereo dissection of a paradiddle within a
7/8-pattern range can (although this description might sound very
weird) be a bliss to listen to, "Six miles south of Hastings" refers to
"6 high minus 12 meters" on Spyra's "Sferics" CD and in that way to
Birth Control and seventies space rock, and the title piece
"Etherlands" is an Odyssey-like journey through the the hidden world of
Ether-waves with classical sequence programming, wonderful melodies and
tape-echoed experimental soundscapes. The inter- and extermezzi "Birds
on the wire" and "Mellotron Etude" are pure melodic chillout tracks
that are inspired by the vintage sounds of the famous Mellotron.

The weather will change!
Electromagnetic music from molecular friction in changing atmospherical
conditions / Part 2


1998, fax records

1 Mechanic Piano 3:06 / 2 Sferics 7:35 / 3 InterZen 11:59 / 4 10-12
Meters 10:45 / 5 Gentle Machines 11:59 / 6 Crossing the Channel 16:06 /
7 Vinyl vs. Cards 9:17 / 8 Voltage Controlled Piano 3:10

People that are sensitive to the weather can often feel approaching
high- or low-pressure-areas long before they are there. Why? According
to latest scientific findings, atmospherical changes seem to emit
high-frequency waves (through molecular friction). Those waves can be
received by living creatures; their stucture can be interpreted by some
of them as information: The weather will change! The scientists that
discovered those waves called them "Sferics".

Mnemonic sentence: "Sferics is the meteorological term for
electromagnetic waves caused by molecular friction in changing
atmospherical conditions."

By means of a special long-wave-receiver, Spyra recorded and sampled
the mentioned waves and put them into the beautiful title track.
Although the noises in that first track may sound like vinyl-crackles,
they are indeed long-wave interferences. May the listeners grow

The stunning thing not only about this first track is, that the music
does not sound technical: The noises are embedded in a calm and
soft-jazzy atmosphere; angel - like, but non - kitschy female voices
form the antipole to the harsh-sounding and radio-wave-like sounds.
These voices are repeated and varied in the longest track "Crossing the
channel", which is a well-known live-track to the visitors of
"Stammheim", the club, where Spyra often performs his music within the
chillout - area. Meditative choir-sounds meet acid-like 404sequences in
a dub-like speed and mood...exellent for chilling and homelistening! -
Other tracks like "InterZen" and "10 high - 12 meters" (= Gamma ray)
are good for dancing in a higher state of consciousness, while the
mechanic and voltage-controlled piano-tracks might give you a hint to
early forms of environmental music in the conception of Erik Satie.
"Gentle machines morphing" with its Wurlitzer-piano sequences is a
tribute to the 70ies mood of "Soft Machine" until it morphs to a
Spyra-typical melodic-dub thing of today.

The weather will change !
Electromagnetic music from molecular friction in changing atmospherical


1997, fax records

A: 7 Homes & 8 Spyrits Part 1 8:56 / VCM 100F 10:22 / Ocean 9:44
B: Level . Voice 11:08 / VCF CS 20 5:04 / 7 Homes & 8 Spyrits Part 2
C: Omega est Alpha 14:47 / Hommage à Satie 3:13

A new name on FAX Records and one to watch for in the future. Starting
with a sound that could be connected with melodic FAX-HardTrance of the
old days.... Spyra goes deeper into the fields of Ambient-Environmental
music often performed with custom build instruments like the
-Triangle-Pads-, the -Elektrolyra- and diverse soundsculptures (i.e.
-sound-sheets-). This man could not just fit the image of an
"Elektronik-musician." He is in fact originally a performance artist
who was part of the support-programme of"Documenta IX" with his work
-Panakustikum- in 1992.

Contemporary Art goes HardTrance-Environmental-Ambient

Review: This is a pleasant and interesting CD to listen to. The style
is a little like Pino and Wildjamin (Xangadix's latter tracks) for
chilled trance that plods along nicely, along with some lush, organic
synths and chords. The feel and mood is fresh and oceanic, while
remaining quite electronic. The sounds are beautiful; chilled synth
chords (reminisent of early Jarre, in places, and of Tetsu Inoue in
others).The first track is a nice solid opening - 7Homes & Spyrits
Part 1 - good soft ambient/techno, which cools down into VCM 100F -
Tetsu Inoue-type sounds with chilled rhythms and soft synth passages.
Ocean is an even more chilled (to begin with), organic affair -
processed, echoey narrative voice with soft dubby beats kicking in
later. Level, Voice is mellow and yet has great presence - synth,
piano and slow trancey rhythms. VCF CS20 tones things down - a
beatless soft ambient passage with a narrative voice talking
synth-techno-babble (this track reminds me of the track Albedo 0.39 by
Vangelis). 7Homes & 8Spyrits Part 2 is a trancey piece with
watery-electronic effects and a general synthy Jarre-ish feel. Omega
and Alpha is the best piece in the album; soft minimal trance, organic
effects, excellent chords (brilliant narrative feel with ambient piano
pieces) and synth (backing synths are very like Jarre -
Oxygene/Equinoxe). In fact, I would say the synth is comparable to
(and as good as) Klaus Schultz or Jarre in the 70's, although the
rhythms are modern. The last track is Hommage a Satie which is a nice
short piano piece much like Cosmic Baby's track Thinking About Myself.
The tracks have a soft and narrative feel with no weak spots. As a
whole, it's a very good album that has a soft trancey organic feel,
with nice synth (and a pinch of piano in just the right spots) and
ideas that could easily have turned out cheesy but are, in fact,
pretty damn good in the end.
A strong release from FAX.
(review by eddY)

Elevator to Heaven

Future Of The Past

Homelistening Is Killing Clubs
Homelistening Is Killing Clubs

-remixed re-release, 2000-
Manikin records / LC58 04 / MRCD 7047
cover artwork: Design Machbar

Hypersonic Vibes                          
Inclined Plane                               
Pedigree Tribe                             
City of Glass                               
Subsequent Spaces                     
Future of the Past -Remix-           

Kassels Akustischer Stadtplan

My Little Garden Of Sounds

1997, Best.-Nr. CCA-110697

A: Seeds 11:58 / Subterranean Gardens 9:49 / Le Chant des Fleurs 8:18
B: Seasons 23:25 / Supernatural Gardens 8:41 / Le Parc de la Vie 11:30

Review: ‘Future of the Past’ is still a regular in my CD player, so
imagine my enthusiasm when two more Spyra releases dropped onto the
door mat. “Der Spyra” as he is credited on the sleevenotes is again
pictured amongst an impressive combination of old and new technology,
and the sound he produces is very much in that league. By the looks of
it the music was composed for a 100 days exhibition in Germany
featuring “serious listening & sound sculptures”. The 6 pieces are
split into ‘Zone A’ and ‘Zone B’, with the 12 minute ‘Seeds’ getting
the album off to a brilliant start with pulsing bass beat and
magnificent filtered sequencing. Again the production qualities are
expansive with every nuance and effect jumping from the speakers.
‘Subterranean Gardens’ signals a change of approach with drifting synth
lines backed by minimalistic electronic effects. ‘Le Chant des Fleurs’
features a shuffling laid back beat with plenty of added colour
provided by motifs and atmospherics. ‘Zone B’ starts with ‘Seasons’, at
23:25 very much the feature track of the album - and what a corker it
is! It bristles with fantastic electronic rhythmics, reminiscent of
Banco de Gaia’s sequencer epics on ‘Last Train to Lhasa’. Secure all
loose objects because the bass gets vicious at times, and its the type
of piece which really does transport you to places far and wide. The
remaining pieces again change course into more atmospheric territory,
however for me the sequencer outings offer most. ‘Seeds’ and ‘Seasons’
produce 35 mins of unmissable 90’s EM. (GG)
(reviewed by


Virtual Vices

Virtual Vices II

Virtual Vices III

Virtual Vices IV

achtundsechzig 24

- Live At Toskana Therme

Spyra Meditationen

Liquid Sound Vol. 1

live dvd e-day 2006 eindhoven netherlands

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